...for June leClair...


We are very sad to report that June LeClair, owner and founder of Moonlite Creations Gallery, located in the Steinfeld Warehouse, passed away on May 8th. She had unending enthusiasm, a heart of sunshine, and a wonderful sassy spirit (she was from New York, after all!). She was a jewelry artist working in metal clay and a painter of wildlife on stone. As she stated, "Art in my world should not have boundaries but implemented in the many facets of our life. To be seen, worn, lived with and celebrated by creating art in various mediums, wood, glass, metal, clay...."

Moonlite Gallery was June's home studio, where she created her own art, and where she offered classes in metal and art glass clay. It was also a place where she promoted local artisans by showing and selling their art. She made this world a better place. Thank you June. Our love is with you and your family.