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Founded 1992, located on Toole & 6th this warehouse has produced a staggering amount of art. We fall under the Warehouse Arts Management Organization. In 1992 the tenants of the Shane House Artists Colony, needing a work space to make art, persuaded the Arizona Department of Transportation to rent them a forgotten building on Toole Ave on a month to month lease. The State had been promising to tear down the building for several years and swore they were going to do it soon, however they couldn’t say no to $900 a month from some flaky artists and mailed them the kay.

After two months renovating in the sweltering summer heat 14 studios, a darkroom, gallery and several illegal living spaces were born. Fully occupied since its first day, the Toole Shed Studios has sheltered scores of artists, launched several Zines, book lines, hosted readings, recorded music and so much more. After about 20 years of renting on a month to month lease the State finally backed down on the plan to demolish the building and it was sold to the artists

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