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Get Involved:

WAMO is currently seeking assistance with its organization. What we recommend is folks that are interested in helping to first join one of our Committees. Committee members need not be members of the board of directors and it is a great way to get to know WAMO while simultaneously pitching in to its cause. Sooner or later, one may wish to get more involved and become a board member.

Currently WAMO needs help most on the following committees:

  • Communications Committee

    • We are actively seeking a writer for News and Events in the district that can be published on our website and in our monthly newsletter.

    • This committee also currently needs a chair.

  • Fundraising Committee

    • Anyone with fundraising experience and ideas and the gumption to reach out to the community to find potential donors.

    • WAMO also is seeking a fundraising champion to join the board and chair this committee who has experience with fundraising to chair the Fundraising Committee and steer to towards success. 

There is a tremendous pool of talent and ambition for the arts in the Historic Warehouse District. If you feel moved to pitch in, please contact us and let us know how you would like to participate and the skills and experience you would like to apply to the organization.

Thank you!


We kindly accept your generous donations! Your contributions make it possible for WAMO in making our dream a reality for so many local artists!

Use to transfer your donation via:

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  • Replace the roof at Toole Shed Studios

  • Evaluated the cost of acquisition and repair of the Citizens Warehouse Building

  • Complete the Steinfeld Courtyard development as an outdoor performance space


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